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Safety of your Devices and Data in times of traveling with McAfee Antivirus

If you are going to spend your vacation or traveling for work purpose or take a summer break, then you need to also take care of your devices and ensure their travel readiness. Regardless of your realization, you might experience new threats while you are there on the road and off from your secured and protected home network. If you are interested to know about the steps of providing protection to your data and devices during traveling, then the post will be helpful for you.


During traveling, the devices might be stolen or lost that means the possibility of these factors get increased a lot and there is also a possibility with the connection of an unsecured network involved with it. In such times, your location along with other pieces of private information can also get leaked to potential scammers or crooks. For such reasons, it is crucial to take necessary precautions prior to start travel with the technology. Some of these steps are as follows:

Get Familiar with Your Networks:

In case you have plans of staying connected during your travel, in that scenario, you need to be very cautious about the networks that you are going to use. Always try to avoid Wi-Fi and such types that are usually offered in many places, such as cafes, hotels etc because it might or might not be secure in nature. This way streamlines it for a culprit to get access to the private and confidential information reserved on the respective device and over an unprotected and unsecured network.

Culprits straightforwardly make use of a piece of software for scanning the network as well as search for any services that might have left unclosed. Alternatively, they can frame their individual free Wi-Fi network within a public place and then offer this facility to any device. For these reasons, you must ensure that you are only using password-protected networks, at the minimum.

Turning off the Location Information:

A number of apps, as well as online services, take advantage of the opportunities by tracking your location for mapping or tagging you to some particular spots, however, when you don’t have a requirement of a navigation help while you are on the road, it is a wise decision to turn off this particular option.


While you are not your home network, then sharing the location might be hazardous because it provides the information to potential thieves in which times your home will be empty. You should also prevent yourself from posting social media photos and updates when you are away from home. After returning from the trip, let people know how your trip was.


It is also important to check whether services that you are using for accessing your location or not even though such services don’t have a requirement for these pieces of information for performing appropriately. If that situation arises, you need to turn off the particular location sharing option (if it’s possible) or you can also delete intrusive apps for protecting your privacy.



Utilizing McAfee Mobile Security:

The important and first step to protect your device and data is to lock your devices with the help of a PIN code so that strangers don’t get an opportunity to access your data. However, it is also very important to consider a complete mobile security. It can also provide a great help in safeguarding your devices from malware or risky links that have been sent via text or in an email. A great mobile security also offers the facility of anti-theft protection.


McAfee Mobile Security is a great way to protect your mobile devices because it enables you in tracking a stolen or lost device. It also provides help in sounding an alarm as well as taking a picture of that culprit. It also permits users to lock down the sensitive apps of the users so that they can’t be accessible even if the respective device goes into the hands of the culprit by chance.


McAfee Mobile Security protects a safeguard against spyware and viruses. It makes mobile devices quite insulated from culprits. The technology of McAfee Active Protection™ provides incredible help by scanning deep into the files, apps, SD cards along with the files for eradicating malware.

Throughout the navigation to the online world, McAfee Mobile Security keeps on blocking malicious websites. They also provide protection to the users against browser exploits, potential phishing websites along with malicious QR or quick response codes.

McAfee Mobile Security also offers ranges of other facilities as well. You can contact the expert support team of McAfee to know more about this particular product.


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